“All is good, speedy and precise delivery, well documented.”
Dr. We Jiang, University of Cardiff

“Today I received the delivery of compounds I ordered last week and would just like to thank you for getting them to me so quickly. This must be a record for how quickly I have ever received compounds I have ordered from a company!”
Dr. John K. Sinfield, University of Leeds.

“I have nothing but positive comments about Vitas-M lab. Everything was top notch. The substances are still to be used, but I have no worries that they will be faulty in any way.”
Dr. Johan Winquist, Uppsala University.

“I was extremely happy with the service, especially due to fast response and delivery. Packaging and labeling is fine and the shipping files were informative enough.”
Dr. Sabina Berne, University of Lyubljana

“I think your compounds are so good regarding as varieties, uniqueness, delivery date, and costs.”
Dr. Yoshitaka Maeda, Mochida Co. (Japan)

“We continually select Vitas as a compound source because you have excellent pricing, turnaround time, and we trust the quality of your compounds.”
Dr. Paul Shinn, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

“Thank you for checking if we are happy with your service, the answer is yes we are very happy. I mainly deal Piet and have found the service received from Piet to be fantastic. I hope this is helpful.”
Dr. Sarah Jenkins, Discuva Ltd

“I am fully satisfied with all the aspects of Vitas-M service. Compounds were well packaged and clearly labeled, and all the attached documentation was complete. I will definitely order compounds from Vitas-M again in the future.”
Dr. Leonardo Lucantoni, Griffith University

“I was fully satisfied with the service I was given by your side. I was also happy with both the packaging/labeling and the information.”
Dr. Samuel Bocobza, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

“Overall, my feelings about Vitas-M are very positive. Piet, with whom I have been dealing with, has been a clear and high communicator. The transactions to buy reagents has been very easy and shipping has been very timely. The packing is great- I like the boxes and actually reuse them for other uses at Karos. The files attached via email are extremely useful having both an XL and sd file.”
Daniel R. Goldberg Ph.D, Director of Chemistry, Karos Pharmaceutical .

“We are satisfied with the quality of your compounds and shipping service. Thanks.”
Hai Yang, Gilead Sciences Ltd.

“Yes everything was perfect! The chemicals came quick and the packaging was clear. Thanks!”
Nicholas Rydzewski, University of Michigan .

“All is OK with the chemical compounds. Your service is nice, the arrived time was fast, the packing and labeling are simple and secure. I received the original invoice, how we agreed with Piet Boerrigter. I will recommend Vitas-M Labs with my scientific friends.” 
Christian Aliaga Silva, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

“We are very happy with the service you are supplying. The communication is very good and the packages arrive with the correct paperwork.”
Tonu Lawrence, Eisai Limited.

“Thanks, I am happy with everything, shipping, labeling, information etc. It is great that you included the SDF files of your compound collection in the USB memory so that I could use my ISIS/Base software and/or the on-line search and ordering. I am also very pleased with the fast response from Piet.”
Jacob Westman PhD, Apodemus AB, Director Medicinal Chemistry & IP

“Very happy with all aspects of the service received from your company and with the correspondence I have had.”
Avril Robertson, The University of Queensland

“I am happy to say that the service provided by you is very good. I got my sample on time and are well packed with clear labels.”
Jayendra Patel, University of Eastern Finland

“I was very pleased with the quality of service that Vitas-M Laboratory was able to provide. I was satisfied with the packaging, labeling, and accompanying information. Thank you for making this transaction so smooth.”
Edward Grimley, University of Michigan Medical School