We offer special molecular sets, created using complex computational optimization, which allows to maximize diversity and exclude potentionally problematic molecules. They are specifically developed to provide efficient start to research project or to expand a current one. 

 Diversity Libraries: 

● Avenue diversity library (3400 compounds) is optimized for smaller-scale assays with emphasis on keeping database size manageable without losing structural variety. Compounds were selected as represenatives of structural clusters with highest structural distance to provide maximum chemical  diversity. 

● Broadway diversity library (32600 compounds) is an expanded library that provides even larger variety of pharmacophores and structural features. This is a library of choice if you want to cover wider range of possible interactions or looking to expand your compound selection. 

● Highway diversity library (51000 compounds) is designed to be used either as a stand-alone or as a supplementary to Broadway diversity library to maximize potential interactions. It includes additional compounds, including "wildcard" ones, that did not make it to smaller libraries, but represent broader range of characteristics and further expand structural diversity. 

For additional information, please download the brochure. We can also provide access to a special subset of our diversity library with additional PAINS filters applied upon your request. 

 Targeted Libraries:  

In order to assist researchers with expanding their projects or jump-starting a new one, we offer special targeted molecular libraries, which are calculated using complex in-house algorithms. These libraries are designed based on similarities with existing compounds that have known activity towards specific targets. Our targeted libraries are designed in a way that maximizes structural diversity and excludes problematic compounds. All compounds in targeted libraries have >0.9 similarity to each reference compound with no more than 30 analogues per reference. All compounds follow Rule-of-Five. We offer special libraries for various subsets of targets: 

  ● Apoptosis Signalling Pathway Library (APOPMARK-9141)

  ● ATPases (ATPMARK - 3662 compounds)

  ● Avian Influenza focused library (AVINMARK - 1456 compounds)

  ● Bacterial Protein Synthesis Inhibitors Library (BPSILMARK - 1508 compounds)

  ● Bacterial Cell Wall Proteins Library (BACCWMARK – 821 compounds)

  ● Calcium Channels Library (CALCMARK - 8614 compounds)

  ● Cancer-related proteins (CANCERMARK - 26190 compounds)

  ● Caspases (CAPSMARK -7518 compounds)

  ● Coronaviral proteins (COVMARK - 10027 compounds)

  ● Coronaviral proteins (COVMARK2 - 15556 compounds)

  ● Cysteine Proteases Library (CYPMARK - 2192 compounds)

  ● Cytochromes (CYTMARK - 3961 compounds)

  ● DNA Polymerases Library (DNAPMARK – 8175 compounds)

  ● Focused Arginase Library (FARGMARK - 1049 compounds)

  ● GABA Receptors (GABAMARK - 7362 compounds)

  ● General Antiviral Library (VIRMARK - 25758 compounds, March 2024 update)

  ● General Bacterial Proteins (BACPMARK – 27248 compounds)

  ● Glutamate Receptors proteins (GRMARK - 2359 compounds)

  ● GPCP Proteins (GPCPMARK - 6969 compounds)

  ● Helicases (HELMARK - 6579 compounds)

  ● Hedgehog Pathway Proteins Library (HHPMARK - 7811 compounds)

  ● Hepatitis - Associated Proteins (HEPAMARK - 4119 compounds)

  ● HIV-related proteins (HIVMARK - 6193 compounds)

  ● Immune system proteins (IMMMARK - 3111 compounds)

  ● Inflammation-related proteins (IAMARK - 5337 compounds)

  ● Influenza focused library (INFLUMARK - 3909 compounds)

  ● Ion Channels (IONMARK - 13149 compounds)

  ● Isomerases (ISOMARK - 4002 compounds)

  ● Kinases (KINASEMARK - 5840 compounds)

 Additional Kinases (KINASEMARK2 - 1764 compounds)

  ● Ligases (LIGASEMARK - 7261 compounds)

  ● Macrocycles – 559 compounds

  ● Neurotransmitter transporters (NTMARK - 1840 compounds)

  ● Nuclear Receptors proteins (NRMARK – 6372 compounds)

  ● Phosphatases (PHOSMARK - 3191 compounds)

 Proteases (PROTEASEMARK - 2483 compounds)

 Additional Proteases (PROTEASEMARK2 - 8991 compounds)

  ● Retroviral Proteins (REVIRMARK – 5150 compounds)

  ● RNAs (RNAMARK - 3216 compounds)

  ● Serine Proteases Library (SEPMARK - 3630 compounds)

  ● Streptococcus focused library (STREPMARK - 1317 compounds)

  ● Transcription factors (TRFMARK - 5985 compounds)

  ● Transferases (TRANSMARK - 11288 compounds)

  ● Tuberculosis-related proteins (TUBMARK-4977 compounds)

  ● Voltage-Gated Ion Channels Library (VGICMARK - 10734 compounds)

And we also offer a specialized CNS-focused library of small molecular compounds, It includes 4247 compounds, optimized based on high predicted BBB permeability and bioavailability. 

You can download special databases as well as our other products here. Libraries are available as 96 and 384-wells plate sets, as dry powder or frozen DMSO solutions, or on a dry film. We can provide collections in other formats, including your own, if requested. Partial purchase option is available.

We will also be happy to replenish molecules, should you require them later as well as supply you compounds with related structural properties.

If you have any specific needs for your project, we can provide adjusted compound library based on your request. Feel free to download the brochure. For any further questions and additional information, please contact our sales office: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it