We offer special molecular sets, created using complex computational optimization, which allows to maximize diversity and exclude potentionally problematic molecules. They are specifically developed to provide efficient start to research project or to expand a current one.

Targeted Libraries:

Ion channel modulators library, Ion-MARK, contains 6800 compounds, which have high predicted affinity for calcium, potassium and sodium channels.

In order to assist with the development of new approaches in treatment of cancer and related diseases, we have created Protein kinases modulators library, Kinase-MARK, consisting of 5900 compounds, tailored to accelerate search for active  molecules, affecting various protein kinases.

Our Proteases modulators library, Protease-MARK, is designed to assist researchers, looking for small molecular compounds which would inhibit or enchance specific protease's function. This library has 2500 compounds, filtered based on structural similaries to already existing agents.

We also offer library of small molecular compounds, optimized for researchers focused on diseases of central nervous system, 60100-molecules big, our CNS library was optimized to only include compounds with predicted high blood-brain barrier penetration and high bioavailability.

 Our Ligase-Targeted screening library LIGASEMARK contains 7261 compounds, which are analogues of compounds with known ligase activity. This library is designed with a goal to jump-start or expand your project to search for molecules affecting various ligases. Compounds were filtered using our in-house algorithm by comparing them with compounds that have known ligase activity. Library has no more than 30 analogues for each reference compound with Tanimoto coefficient >0.95. All of the compounds in this library follow Rule-of-Five.

 Diversity Libraries:

Library “Broadway” provides you with full-scale selection of 32600 compounds, representing broad diversity of our whole 1,400,000 molecule stock. This is a library of choice if you want to cover wider range of possible interactions or looking to expand your compound selection.

Library “Avenue” is optimized for smaller scale assays. It consists of highly diverse selection of 3400 small molecules, with emphasis on keeping database size manageable without losing structural variety. This selection is the perfect way to boost your research Project.

We can also provide access to a special subset of our diversity library, filtered to minimize potential toxicity upon your request.

You can download special databases as well as our other products on this here. Libraries are available as 96 and 384-wells plate sets, as dry powder or frozen DMSO solutions, or on a dry film. We can provide collections in other formats, including your own, if requested. Partial purchase option is available.

We will also be happy to replenish molecules, should you require them later as well as supply you compounds with related structural properties.

If you have any specific needs for your project, we can provide adjusted compound library based on your request. Feel free to download the brochureFor any further questions and additional information,  please  contact our sales office:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it